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09 January 2020Percussion - Use and Abuse
05 December 2019The Glamour Holiday - the grand era of travel in the 1920s and 1930s
14 November 2019Edward Burne-Jones and the Pre-Raphaelite Legacy
10 October 2019From Downton to Gatsby: Jewellery and Fashion 1890-1929
12 September 2019The fruits of sin: The Art and Times of Hieronymus Bosch
13 June 2019Wonders of the Roman Empire: off limits in Syria and Neighbouring Countries.
09 May 2019When Britain Clicked: Fab Photographs from the Swinging Sixties
11 April 2019AGM at 2 p.m. followed by Dame Zaha Hadid
14 March 2019Frida Kahlo and Diego Riviera: the Golden Age of Mexican Painting
14 February 2019Form and Fortune: 50 years of British Sculpture 1968 - 2018
10 January 2019Pots of Art from Grayson Perry
06 December 2018A Cornucopia of Christmas Customs
15 November 2018Food and Art through the Ages
11 October 2018Hidden Canvases - Street Art and the City
22 September 2018Coffee Morning and Talk - Printing from Gutenberg to Today
13 September 2018Foreigners in London 1520-1677
14 June 2018Children as Artists
10 May 2018Gustav Klimt: Imperial Muralist turned Radical Painter
12 April 2018Fakes and Forgeries
15 March 2018Charles Dickens: the man and his life through his characters
15 February 2018Undressing Antiques
11 January 2018Vivaldi in Venice
07 December 2017Glad Tidings: The Story of the Annunciation
09 November 2017Double Dutch: Symbols, Emblems & `Double Entendre` in Dutch Genre Painting
12 October 2017Burned, Bombed or Bullozed: Lost Houses of Britain
14 September 2017The Art of Liberty: Branding an Artistic Lifestyle
15 June 2017Dale Chihuly - the World`s foremost Glass Artist
11 May 2017Modern Art and the Art Market
06 April 2017AGM promptly at 2 p.m. followed by Mars and the Muses: The Renaissance Art of Armour
09 March 2017John Singer Sargent - Master of the Society Portrait
09 February 2017The Golden Age of English and European Furniture
12 January 2017Tea with Mackintosh: The Glasgow Tearoom Phenomenon
08 December 2016Brilliant British Humour in the Forgotten Art of the Picture Postcard 1909/1939
10 November 2016Income and Inspiration - Financial Secrets of the Masters
13 October 2016The Ultimate Wall Decoration - Tapestries of the Courts of Europe, Ancient and Modern
15 September 2016The Elgin Marbles - A History of Meaning
09 June 2016Constable and the making of Masterpieces
12 May 2016The Role of the Arts in the cycle of Crime, Prison and Re-offending
14 April 2016What really happened on Easter Island? AGM of the Society to take place before lecture begins. Seats to be taken by 2 p.m.
10 March 2016William Hogarth 1697-1764
11 February 2016Beautiful Book Binding
14 January 2016Scotland`s ruined Castles
03 December 2015The Art of Cuisine and the Cuisine of Art
12 November 2015Art in the Great War
15 October 2015Secret Art in the Passport
10 September 2015The Art of the Vikings
11 June 2015Photography as Fine Art
14 May 2015The Art of the Japanese Garden
16 April 2015A pot of Paint in the Public`s Face
12 March 2015Revolutionary Russia
12 February 2015Edouard Manet

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Percussion - Use and Abuse Nigel Bates Thursday 09 January 2020

From calling ancient armies to battle to signalling the audience to stand for the National Anthem, drums and percussion have been part of history beyond their musical contributions.    Nigel is a professional percussionist who will explore the development of percussion instruments over the last 100 years.   His lecture includes video footage from the orchestra pit at the Royal Opera House.