On Friday 8th November at St. Andrew of Scotland’s Church, Fortrose, forty students and two teachers from Fortrose Academy engaged in a Trail of Discovery together with a goodly crowd of enthusiastic congregation.

Canon Mel welcomed everyone, Diana Hamilton-Jones presented certificates to Rosie Hyde and Ronan MacLeod on behalf of The Arts Society Highland for two fine illustrations published on the Question sheet.

Clipboards and pencils and questions at the ready the Trail commenced. There was a happy buzz.

On completion of the Trail, Canon Mel recounted his Sunday school days where his class was banished to the boiler room for bad behaviour.  On the day of Mel’s ordination he visited the boiler room for a quiet time, when he spied a paper aeroplane lodged there. He retrieved it, found his name written on it, so put it in his pocket where it stayed for his ordination.  What a long journey he had been on.  These fond memories beautifully led into a creative and fun request to make paper aeroplanes out of Question sheets. After 1,2,3 launch, the airborne planes officially launched the Trail of Discovery.

The Trail is available for all visitors to the church, which is open every day.

Copies of the Questions and Answers sheets for Church Trail for St. Andrew of Scotland’s Church, Fortrose can be found under the Documents Tab

Edinkillie Church`s launch of the Trail of Discovery on 24 August, 2019 was a fun occasion.    Twelve children, Messy Church members were out in force together with their parents, Church Minister, The Revd. Richard Moffat and Messy Church Leader, Mrs Panny Laing and church members.    The Arts Society Highland was represented by President, Mrs Jessica Wolff and six members.    Everyone participated in the Trail and an Arts Society Church Trail sticker was awarded on completion.    The children were invited to create an aeroplane with their answer sheets which they practised flying around the church, one flew beautifully, and amusingly attached itself to the organ screen and had to be rescued by a very tall gentleman, reaching high with a broom, then they launched their creations all together after `1,2,3 launch` from the balcony.

The children of Edinkillie officially launched their Children`s Trail of Discovery.   This amazingly fun event is the first Children`s Trail of Discovery sponsored by The Arts Society Highland.

The Messy Church event continued on with other activities and a picnic on the Dava Way.

A huge `thank you` to Mrs Panny Laing and everyone who participated. 

Copies of the Questions and Answers sheets for Church Trail for Edinkillie Church, Moray, IV36 2HQ, can be found under the Documents Tab

Dyke Church Trail was launched on 16 September, 2019. The first of the autumn season Messy church met for refreshments at 3.15 p.m. followed by the challenge of doing the Trail.    It was delightful to observe the interaction of the participants, who then made their papers into aeroplanes, which they launched from the steps of the three tier pulpit.    It is encouraging to note that Dyke school will be using the Trail and also a group of local Rainbows very soon.

Copies of the Questions and Answers sheets for Church Trail for Dyke Church can be found under the Documents Tab

Cawdor and Croy, St. Stephen`s Old High, Inverness, Drumnadrochit, Urquhart and Inverness Cathedral are all in the pipeline.

Elizabeth Harker, Children`s Trails of Discovery Co-ordinator