03 March 2019 Polymer Photogravure workshop
23 February 2019Highland Print Studio workshop
10 January 2019Report on Life Drawing workshop 17/18 November by YA Secretary Diana Hamilton-Jones
17 November 2018Weekend Life Drawing Class at Culloden Academy
25 November 2017Weekend Life Drawing Class at Culloden Academy
04 February 2017Screen printing day at Highland Print Studio
26 November 2016Sponsored Life Drawing Class at Culloden Academy
03 November 2016Patricia Fay Memorial Fund grant for Young Arts
31 October 2016Robert McCormack receives RBA 2017 Scholar Certificate from Debbie Owen, Hdfas YA Representative
18 May 2016Photographs of Culloden Academy Art Students and their portfolios at May 2016 Lecture
06 February 2016Sponsored Day at Highland Print Studios for Sixth Form Students
28 November 2015Annual Two Day Life Drawing Class
26 June 2015Culloden Academy Students at Culloden Viaduct
07 February 2015Etching and Printing workshop at Highland Print Studio
22 November 2014Photograph - Life Drawing Class with Dean Melville
18 July 2014Culloden Academy students visit Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh
01 October 2013What is Young Arts?

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Polymer Photogravure workshop
Sunday 03 March 2019

6 Students from Culloden Academy took part in this workshop at Highland Print Studio on 23 February.

Photographs from the workshop are in the Gallery and a report by Diana Hamilton-Jones can be found under Documents