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Report on Life Drawing Workshop 9/10 November 2019 by YA secretary Diana Hamilton-Jones
Friday 15 November 2019

Life Drawing Workshop
Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th November 2019
Tutor – Dean Melville

The Arts Society Highland (TASH) was pleased to be able to offer again a 2-day Life Drawing Workshop for art students in their last year of Secondary school. For students applying to art college life drawing is a vital component of their portfolio. Culloden Academy hosted the workshop and this year students from Fortrose Academy (3), Millburn Academy (2), Charleston Academy (1) and Culloden Academy (4) participated. Students paid a nominal booking fee of £10.
Dean Melville was again the tutor for this workshop. Dean gained a Fine Arts Masters Degree from the University of Cincinnati, where a large percentage of time was spent tutoring the BA(Hons) Degree. On return to the UK he continued as a portrait painter as well as tutoring in a wide range of educational establishments.
The Young Arts workshop gives Dean and his students an opportunity to find creative solutions through clarity of thinking as well as technique. The workshop provides an opportunity to study all areas of the drawing procedure, as well as a platform to encourage personal growth and confidence. This year’s group of 10 was very focussed and extremely hard-working with a high standard of work ethic which resulted in some very good studies/drawings.
Judging by the feedback from the students Dean is an excellent teacher who encouraged and motivated the students to think outside the box, to explore drawing from a different perspective, to search within themselves for a new depth and approach to art and the subject before them. They all seemed to enjoy the experience which was new to them and, although the level of concentration expected was hard for them, they felt it was “worthwhile”, “informative”, “better than expected”, “amazing”. A few examples of the work are shown below.
Providing these workshops is important and gratifying for The Arts Society Highland as nurturing and encouraging Young Arts is one of the fundamental purposes of The Arts Society. We were extremely pleased with the high standard of work created in the workshop and were equally gratified that the students, as well as Dean and his model had enjoyed the experience.

Diana Hamilton-Jones, Young Arts, The Arts Society Highland - 11th November 2019